Trees For the Bees, is aimed at helping reduce the carbon footprint and provide pollinators, like honey bees, an early food resource to forage on. It’s important to plant and rescue trees because not only will they provide oxygen but also will help honey bees have an abundance of foraging resources so they may produce honey. We hope to do our part in creating a sustainable community but also creating a productive green space where it didn’t exist.

The money raised will be used to purchase 30 flowering trees, which will include American Redbud, Sargent Crabapple, Washington Hawthorn, White Flowering Dogwood and Crape myrtle. These flowering trees will be planted on vacant lots to transform them to beautiful and productive green spaces for the entire community to enjoy. Please help us beautify and create a sustainable environment for our pollinator honey bee friends and neighborhood citizens by giving to our Trees For the Bees campaign. Your contribution will make a lasting impact on future generations to come.

trees for bees woodchip

Donated Wood Chips

These donated wood chips will act like a blanket for our trees over the winter. Give today & let's plant more trees for our bees & all pollinators!

trees for bees 3 evergreen

Donated Arborvitae Tree​

This tree will provide an excellent wind coverage for the honeybees hives during the Fall and winter months.

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