Community Flower Garden & Beautification Programs

Community Flower Garden & Beautification Programs

Shaping communities into green spaces that promote natural ecosystems while maintain communities natural beauty.  Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc.’s goal is to simplify the process of acquiring, planting, and maintaining flower beds & gardens.

When planting flowers, you are not only taking a step into making your community greener, but also assisting in creating ecosystems for for future wildlife like butterflies & birds to thrive on & continue Earth’s ever-growing cycle of nature & life.


Interested in buying flowers, plants or seeds? Check out TW Nursery!

They have an extensive inventory of native plants, flowers, trees, and much more perfect for anyone looking to start or expand an existing garden! 

Past Flower Gardens & Beautification Programs

Need Landscape Work & Management?

Professional Landscaping, Leaf Removals, Garden Maintenance, & more!

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