Community Gardens

Enabling Communities to Become Self-Sustaining

Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc. is a Michigan Nonprofit Organization focused on developing communities gardens to be utilized as a natural resource & entry point for nature based educational programs. Our overarching goal is to develop & maintain earth’s natural resources so that communities regain the beneficial properties of fruits vegetables while also restoring natural ecosystems.

Community Fruits & Vegetable Gardens

Our community gardens are developed by volunteers & environmentalists that are passionate about creating green spaces that can be utilized by all members of the community, including wildlife.

Through our gardens we hope create healthier lifestyles that inspire & educate individuals into the beauty & benefits of natural resources provided to use by the Earth.

Flower Beautification Gardens

Flowers bring a new wave of life to communities, gardens, & ecosystems. Our Flower Beautification programs aims to provide a naturally beautiful look to communities while also creating ecosystems for butterflies, bees, and other wildlife.

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Brodrick Wilks

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Brodrick Wilks is a Recent University of Michigan graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration; coordinated with Brilliant Detroit to host 30 Axiom student volunteers in August 2019 where they helped transform vacant lots by beautifying and cleaning up a green space and removing overgrown tree brush and weeds from community garden.