“Compounding” is a universal force,
labeled as the 9th Wonder of the world by Albert
Einstein. It is also where farming meets finance.

Our goal is to connect, rebuild natural habitats, and restore faith in the surrounding communities. Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc. is a Michigan nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing green spaces within the community and providing nature based educational programs. RMNN rescues and activates neglected parcels, transforming them into productive green spaces.


In the process, we engage the youth with our program, Sustainable Youth Stewards, which provides a work opportunity for youth participants. Participants lead efforts in transforming greenspaces across communities. In the process they learn translatable, S.A.F.E. skills (Sustainability, Agriculture, Finance, Entrepreneurship). Transformations have taken many forms including various types of gardens, food farms, wildlife habitats, community spaces and more.



The framework of Sustainable Youth Stewards was developed to address Detroit’s Sustainability Action Agenda (SAA)

As such, our vision directly aligns to the outcomes of the SAA:

  • Detroit communities are clean, healthy, and S.A.F.E. environments to live, work, learn, and play in


  • Detroiters have a pathway to stability and a dignified standard of living through high quality education and workforce development.
  • Detroiters can access the resources and knowledge to enable them to use less energy, water, and waste.
  • Support and enable the productive use of vacant land to benefit the neighborhood.

Our educational curriculum is designed to compliment the work the participants oversee. The youth participants help to maintain our sites, which take the form of various green spaces.

Our Sustainable Youth Stewards have....

Transformed neglected, dangerous structure into our very own Butterfly Garden

Redeveloped an open green space, home to various herbs like basil, mint, tarragon, and more.

Garden built by local youth, open to the community for picking up produce.

Certified in 2019 as a Wildlife Habitat for developing safe havens for local pollinators.



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Andrew Buendia is a graduate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a dual bachelors in Political Science and Sociology. Fueled by a passion to ensure that Detroit communities are directly representative of not just the current residents, but also the long lineage of residents is what prompted Andrew to become more involved with the city he grew up in. One way to do this is by coordinating community relations to gain better insight to what the community not only wants, but the best method of action to go about solving their impending issues.

Brodrick Wilks is a Recent University of Michigan graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration; coordinated with Brilliant Detroit to host 30 Axiom student volunteers in August 2019 where they helped transform vacant lots by beautifying and cleaning up a green space and removing overgrown tree brush and weeds from community garden.