As a part of MCM365, Rescue MI Nature NOW, Inc. has partnered the long standing community organization, Keep It Clean Block Club to help accomplish community clean up efforts this year. These clean up efforts were led by our very own, Sustainable Youth Stewards, see them in action below.

     This project is very dear to the community’s heart because for over 30 years, this service street has been neglected and the site for dumping activities. This street remains one of the biggest priorities for the neighborhood, because hardly anyone is tending to it. Grass has been left unmanaged, tree brush is overgrown, and trash continues to be littered along the street.

     Thus our partnership with Keep It Clean Block Club and our initiative to “Rescue” this service street and “Keep It Clean”. This block club is actively involved in the community and acts as the voice for the neighbors. Their assistance with community engagement, allowed us to target an area that would have the largest impact on the nearby residents.

     The success for this project was largely dependent on the partnership between not only RMNN and Keep It Clean Block Club, but also with our District 3 Managers, Ernest Johnson and Kayana Sessoms. These City Leaders have extended support to both Keep It Clean Block Club and Rescue MI Nature NOW, Inc. in order to keep the community safe and clean as well as improve the quality of life for the residents.

     Motor City Makeover provided the perfect platform to launch RMNN’s and Keep It Clean Block Club’s Remington Project. Using the resources provided for MCM, we launched The Remington Project May 15, 2021, as apart of District 3’s Motor City Makeover. Crews led by Sustainable Youth Stewards.

Motor City Makeover 365

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Andrew Buendia is a graduate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a dual bachelors in Political Science and Sociology. Fueled by a passion to ensure that Detroit communities are directly representative of not just the current residents, but also the long lineage of residents is what prompted Andrew to become more involved with the city he grew up in. One way to do this is by coordinating community relations to gain better insight to what the community not only wants, but the best method of action to go about solving their impending issues.

Brodrick Wilks is a Recent University of Michigan graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration; coordinated with Brilliant Detroit to host 30 Axiom student volunteers in August 2019 where they helped transform vacant lots by beautifying and cleaning up a green space and removing overgrown tree brush and weeds from community garden.