Operation Preserving Goldenrod

Operation Preserving Goldenrod

Operation Goldenrod is a project developed by Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc., that will help improve the quality of life in urban neighborhood and educating college students on sustainable concepts. All while preserving this Native Plant of North America which happens to be pollinators magnet.

This is our efforts to improve the numbers in honey Bee populations!

Operation Goldenrod

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High numbers (more than 5 bees per meter square in a 30 second sample) of bees including Andrenid bees, Sweat bees, Large Carpenter bees, Bumble bees, and Honey bees are highly attracted to Goldenrod.

While bees forage on a variety of flowers, it is likely that Goldenrod is the strongest influence in the honey as it is most common in fall. Goldenrod is the last pollen protein source of the year for the bees. It is imperative to their survival that we are able to identify and preserve this plant.

Plant Species Notes:

Bloom Period: Late; Goldenrod blooms throughout September.

Growth Cycle: Perennial

Growth Habit: Forbs/Herbs

Insect Type Attracted: Natural Enemies, Pollinators; This plant species attracts many insects, even locust borer were seen with it.

Light: This native perennial grows in Full or Partial sun.

Region: Northern Lower Peninsula / Southern Lower Peninsula

Soil Moisture: Dry / Medium

Height: Yellow flower spikes bloom on plants that grow 3-5 ft tall.

Through The Power of Community Teamwork

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