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Sustainable & Financial Compounding

Our purpose is to educate and enrich our community through sustainable and financial concepts of compounding and applying them everyday by learning how to grow your own food. This can result in saving money and reducing need of purchasing fresh produce, and investing the savings in an interest bearing account instead of spending the extra money. Thus, growing your own food saves money, which results in now being able to begin saving your money so your money can now grow for you.

Our goal is to provide knowledge in agriculture and money literacy to children and adults between the ages of 9-24 by ways of introducing them to the concept of what compounding is, what this looks like with fruits and vegetables and money, and the importance of applying compounding early in life so they may continue applying these concepts as adults. Learning fundamentals include but are not limited to teaching students how to grow their own food through planting seeds and caring for the plants to ensure they grow healthy food to eat and the impact of how starting to save money now will affect their financial future.

Our vision is for compounding to become a lifestyle for all individuals by applying the power of compounding and allowing it to maximize all areas of their life, especially with their ability to grow their own food and finances.



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Brodrick Willis

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Brodrick Wilks is Series 6/63 Financial Securities licensed with FINRA; Recent University of Michigan graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration; coordinated with Brilliant Detroit to host 30 Axiom student volunteers in August 2019 where they helped transform vacant lots by beautifying and cleaning up a green space and removing overgrown tree brush and weeds from community garden.