RMNN was awarded the Whole Kids Foundation grant for bees in 2020. With this grant, we received an observation bee hive to educate youth on these important insects. When you purchase Bee Cause honey, a portion of the money goes to support a project aimed at preserving honeybees. Your support will give local schools the opportunity to set up their own observation hives for bees.

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Rescue MI Nature Now is a non-profit dedicated to purchasing and transforming unused parcels of land into green spaces in Detroit, Michigan. They introduce beehives to the renovated areas and provide nature-based educational programs. This is all part of their larger goal to rebuild and restore faith back into their community! 

As a 2020 Bee Grant Recipient, Rescue MI Nature Now is actively participating in our Pay It Forward Fundraiser. Pay It Forward means that the organization can use the funds to grow its own hive AND assist another organization in getting a hive! 

Rescue MI Nature Now has sold 216 jars of Bee Cause Project private label honey in a year! This amazing community organization knows how to share the honey bee love! “
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